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Tyche Invocation of Wealth Over Abundance

$279.00 $419.00

👑 Tyche, pronounced (Tikka) is a grand inner ring of Choronzon who is in charge of all wealth and abundance of Choronzon. Her last stay on Earth was very short because she was not appreciated enough. She’s ready again to step out into the light.

👑 We will have 20 precious invocations available. 👑

To activate it, you will have to sign a pact to take her to 5 special places with you to show her true love and care. She wants to explore the world. Make her stay memorable.

You will receive a beautiful White Gold and Sapphire Invocation piece with a beautiful matching chain, and a precious porcelain and crystal chariot.

She has the ability to put you in the path of having more money than you can spend. She is soft, ethical, attractive and delicate. She loves all things that glitter and glimmer. There’s never enough diamonds or treasures for her. 

👑 Tyche radiates goodness and attracts wealth from all sources on an inhuman level. People will be falling over themselves to be generous toward you. She has the ability to block all negative forces between you and wealth.

This invocation will help make you want to do good for others as well, dream largely, have unusually grand luck, and will make you want to create fair, abundant and just empires.

Don’t walk, run toward this beautiful opportunity. Tyche will truly illuminate your world. 

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