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Tyr Invocation of Resilience


Tyr Invocation of Resilience

If you have to deal with continuous and high amounts of stress then this invocation is for you!

 Tyr is an important figure in Norse mythology, and his legacy has been passed down through centuries. He is the god of war and courage, embodying strength and bravery in battle. Tyr is also a member of Leviathan's line in the Intermediary Demonic Legion.

Tyr was known for fighting with honor and fairness and for being a loyal friend. He sacrificed his right hand to bind the monstrous wolf Fenrir in order to protect order to protect the gods and humanity. This act was seen as a heroic and noble gesture, representing selflessness in the face of danger, and resilience in the face of pain.

Tyr can handle not only high amounts of physical pain, but he can also blaze through and transmute high amounts of mental pain and stress.

Tyr a master of all forms of magick, including transmutation, regeneration, divination, hexing and pyromancy. An invocation of Tyr can be overwhelming and life changing.
An invocation with Tyr can also certainly help you master his specialties as well as honor and build a relationship with him. 

Try's specialties include:
• Pyromancy
• Annihilation
• Transmutation
• Resilience
• Strength
• Vision through danger
• Maturity
• Wisdom
• Leadership
• Wealth
• Regeneration of body and spirit

If you are serious about this path, then this is most certainly an invocation not to be missed.
His invocation piece took over 6 months to develop by top jewelry makers and was hand designed by the owner of 7th Witch House herself to honor Tyr. 

This is an honorary invocation with over 6 carats of yellow citrine, brown sapphire, miossanite, and 18k gold plated sterling silver. 
Don’t walk, run toward this beautiful opportunity. 

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