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Limited Edition Sex Work and Sex Mastery Kit

$210.00 $977.00


 Limited Edition Sex Work and Sex Mastery Kit!

🔥🍎🔥 This unbelievable potions kit contains some of the best potions in the line, made into large luxury glass potion sprays and rollers so you can have your results immediately and effectively on the go! 

This phenomenal get will go up in price to its $700 value after the sale is over. Do not miss out! 

This undeniably mind blowing kit includes: 💖💖💖

🍒Centerfold Potion Roller - Made to help make you look like an ethereal fantasy in the eyes of your target. 

🍒Seal The Deal & Repeat Sex Potion Spray - Made to help make your intended target and prospects quickly choose you and set up a time for you to meet up.

🍒Anti-Anxiety Sex Worker Crystal Potion Candle - Made to help you not be nervous or scared on the way to, or during your encounter. 

🍒Protect Me Sex Worker Potion Spray - Made to help protect you from undue harm during your encounter 

🍒Sexual Spellbind Potion Spray - Made to make your target unable to stop thinking of your sexual encounter, fantasize about you, and think of you every time they masturbate in the future.

🍒Stupid Money Potion Spray - Will make someone not care about their budget and want to spend it all on you. 

🍒Sex Worker Manifestation Matches - Conduit matches to use with your candle so that your effects come swiftly. 

🔥🍎🔥You don’t have to necessarily be a sex worker to use these products. You can easily use them for the same results on lovers or intended lovers. 

Get out there and take their breath away ;) 

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