The Order

Echoes of Eros

$209.00 $488.00

"Echoes of Eros" - Seize the Pulse of Passion

🌹Lost in the maze of unreciprocated feelings? Crave a love so deep and intoxicating that every second feels like a haunting melody?

Used as a love or hex potion, you can now dive into the dark depths of your target’s psyche, setting the stage for an irresistible dance, in a haze between memory and fantasy.

Whether it's the fire of past romances or the spark of new temptations, this elixir amplifies the magnetism between you and your chosen target.

With every ritual, their yearning for intimacy deepens, becoming an inextinguishable flame seeking your touch, your presence, your future together.

Awaken their dormant desires with subconscious invitation. Superdrive their torrid memories of stolen glances and electric encounters, driving an insatiable torment hunger to recreate them.

Priced at $150. Embrace destiny, evoke desire, and enthrall hearts like never before!

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