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Vanity Hex Potion

Know someone who loves themselves just a little too much? Have you been bullied by someone who thinks they are better looking than you? Do you have someone trying to compete with you for your love interest?

Be the hand of karma and take their arrogance down a notch with our powerfully revered deglamour vanity hex potion. This potion will give all of the horrid effects of our sensational deglamour potion and is couple with Belial, Sabnock and Sitri to make someone appear to others and themselves as far less attractive, appear to age drastically and be less appealing in general.

This batch takes 10 weeks to marinate and is a part of the black line potion list of The Order. This has very sudden intense effects.

How to Use:

Do not get on your skin for any reason. Use with black candle with targets’ name carved into it on a Friday evening. Anoint candle with 6 drops of potion and burn for exactly 6 minutes while focusing your intent on the flame.

*All Spell work is done.

*We recommend using chime candles. We do not promise to include chime candles in orders, but oftentimes we do if several potions have been purchased.

*Buyer is responsible for all outcomes in relation to the potion used. Consuming or wearing potion is done at the buyer's own risk.

*Our oils are packaged in plain-colored padded envelopes with no mention of the logo or references to Magick. If you have any additional concerns, please feel free to message us.

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