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7th Witch House Is proud to unveil Varsity, the latest innovation from 7th Witch House, engineered to transform athletic performance. This potent Demonic formula bound to Royal Demon Glasya and Royal Demon Marbas, is a synthesis of advanced demonic mastery, tailored to help demonically enhance one’s physical capabilities across multiple dimensions.

When combined with the included ritual, Varsity helps to elevate your athletic prowess through precision enhancements in:

  • Strength: Demonically fortify muscle fibers with hyper-dense cellular structures for maximum power output.
  • Speed: Demonically increases energy and helps boost fast-twitch muscle fibers for explosive speed and rapid acceleration.
  • Agility: Demonically enhance neuromuscular coordination for swift, precise movements and superior balance.
  • Endurance: Demonically optimize your cardiovascular efficiency, enabling sustained peak performance with reduced fatigue.
  • Coordination: Demonically helps integrate sensory and motor pathways to improve the fluidity and timing of complex physical tasks.

This elixir is ideal for athletes, sports enthusiasts, and anyone preparing to excel in physically demanding activities. Whether you're vying for a spot on a sports team, tackling a new workout regimen, or simply seeking to surpass your current limits, Varsity offers a comprehensive solution to elevate your physical state to the realm of peak human performance. Embrace the next level of athletic excellence with Varsity—where Demonic science meets athletic supremacy. 

This limited edition batch is on sale This weekend only! Don't miss out! 

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