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Wake Up Call


                      💣⏳ 💣Wake Up Call 💣⏳💣

Are you sick and tired of being used, unappreciated, or taken for granted? It is time to put the fear of Belial in them. 🤓🧨

This phenomenal black line potion works by being Demonically Bound to Dantalion and Belial, to wake your ungrateful, selfish, and under motivated target up, and make the be grateful for what they have in you or because of you.

This potion can help make the most selfish of people suddenly highly motivated to show gratitude to you, and behave in ways that earn what you have already given them. This will make them panic at the thought of losing you, and will make them walk the line so to not even offend you. 

This works both platonically and romantically. Do not miss out on this gem! 

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