Foras - Demon of Restoration

Not as good as you once were? If so, no need to worry. There’s Demonic Magick for that, and the Demon you’ll want to use is Foras. Foras specializes in restoration in all areas. So whether regaining the beauty of your youth or increasing the energy and vigor of your physical prime, Foras can help you feel brand new again.

Do you have a former talent you wish you could get back? Foras is exceptional at restoring any lost skill. 

He can also help restore interest and passion in you from another person. So he’s the perfect solution for a romantic relationship that is drying up or even a business lead that is going cold.

Worried that you are lacking in some area that your partner needs? Then, turn to Foras before relationship counseling. This Demon can help you understand and obtain these needs and wants. Furthermore, Foras is excellent at influencing others to favor you. So you can rest easy knowing you have an advantage and Magick working in your favor.

Lastly, for those with interest in herbology, rocks, and crystals, Foras is an excellent mentor. Through his guidance, he can lead you to a deeper understanding and expertise in this area.

During evocation, Foras appears as a tall man approximately 7 ft in height. He has black hair, green eyes, a tan complexion, and an athletic physique. One thing he is well known for is a high pitched voice and tends to speak very fast. He is also known to overdeliver, often giving far more than what was initially requested.

You will want to have his pendant around and provide a blood offering when petitioning Foras. In addition to this, he appreciates offerings of Mugwort, Wine, Cotton, Art, Cannabis, Carnations, and Gold.


Praise Foras

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Philly May 29, 2023

I need money to change my life

Eric Asante March 23, 2022

Hail foras!

Ronald Nock September 28, 2021

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