Gamigin - Demon of Communication

Would you like to learn how to keep people glued to your every word?
If so, it’s time to get familiar with Gamigin. Gamigin is a Demon of the Royal Legion with a variety of specialties. But one area that she shines in, in particular, is in the art of communication. If you are an aspiring writer, Gamigin can help with writer’s block and develop your own unique writing style that will resonate with readers. But her abilities to enhance communication go beyond the written word. For those who need to improve their interactions with others in person, she can help you speak with commanding authority.

Gamigin is also a favorite amongst students of liberal sciences and is often used to improve knowledge and understanding in these areas. For those who need help with creativity, she can also be very helpful in coming up with new endeavors. Need help getting to the bottom of some matter at hand? Enlist Gamigin to assist you in your investigation. Often she will lead you to significant clues and pieces of the puzzle that would never have been discovered otherwise.

She is known to appear during evocation as a tall woman, around 6’6 in height. Gamigin has black hair, red eyes, and light skin. She will usually come wearing a long black robe with red trim. When petitioning Gamigin, you will want to be prepared with her pendant on hand and an offering. Blood offerings are preferred.
Additionally, you may also provide sexual offerings, handwritten letters, onyx, and money. Another way to honor is to burn black candles. Her favorite scents include sandalwood, dried grass, jasmine, and lemonwood. Incorporating these scents into your ritual space during a petition is a recommended way to improve your results when attempting to work with Gamigin.

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Praise Gamigin!

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