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Apathy Demonic Hex Potion

Introducing our potent and uncompromising blackline hex potion, designed to deal a powerful blow to your enemy's passion, focus, functionality, and ambition across all aspects of their life.

This formidable magick potion is expertly bound with the energies of Glasya-Labolas and Sabnock, two demons renowned for their swift and effective ability to disrupt and dismantle the plans of adversaries. With the blackline hex potion on your side, you can witness your enemy's ambitions crumble and their once-driven nature dissolve into a state of confusion and stagnation.

To unleash the full force of this hex potion, follow the instructions diligently. Begin by carving your enemy's name into a black chime candle, symbolizing their connection to the hex. Then, carefully drop 12 drops of the blackline hex potion onto the candle's wick. Light the candle and allow its flame to burn for 12 powerful minutes, during which the hex will take effect. After use, you may safely discard the candle, knowing that its purpose has been fulfilled.

It is essential to acknowledge that as the purchaser of our products, you assume complete responsibility for your choices and actions. By embracing our offerings, you agree that we bear zero legal responsibility for any consequences that may arise from their usage.

Harness the might of our blackline hex potion and watch as your enemy's plans crumble before your eyes. Embrace the power of Glasya-Labolas and Sabnock as they dismantle the drive and ambition that once fueled your adversary. Trust in the potency of our meticulously crafted hex potion, but always remember that the outcome lies in your hands.

Note: We encourage the responsible and ethical use of our products. It is important to consider the consequences of your actions and the karmic implications they may carry.

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