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Belphegor Alchemy Potion


The Belphegor Alchemy Potion, crafted by 7th Witch House, is a versatile tool for enhancing your magical practices. This potion serves as an all-purpose magick booster, allowing you to infuse objects or other potions with additional energy and potency.

To utilize the Belphegor Alchemy Potion, simply add 6 drops of the potion to any item you wish to charge with magical energy. This could include crystals, talismans, jewelry, or any other object that you want to imbue with intention and power. The potion's unique blend of ingredients and enchantments will work synergistically to amplify the magical properties of the item.

Additionally, you can mix the Belphegor Alchemy Potion with other potions to enhance their potency. By adding 6 drops of the potion to an existing potion, you can increase its effectiveness and magickal energy, empowering your spellwork or ritual endeavors.

The Belphegor Alchemy Potion is carefully crafted by 7th Witch House using their expertise in magickal practices. It is designed to be a reliable and versatile tool in your magical toolkit, offering you a convenient means of boosting and intensifying your spells, rituals, and enchanted items.

Please note that the Belphegor Alchemy Potion is sold for magickal purposes only and should be used responsibly. It is important to follow the instructions provided and exercise caution when working with any magickal substances.

Enhance your magickal endeavors with the Belphegor Alchemy Potion from 7th Witch House and unlock the full potential of your spells and enchanted items. Empower your practice and manifest your desires with the aid of this powerful magick booster.

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