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Court Case Triumph Skull Hex


This 7 day Court Case Triumph Skull Hex is bound to Demons Seere, Valac, and Azazel to help overpower and overcome your upcoming court case and help win in your favor. This can help banish trials and court case losses altogether for the innocent and help dismiss trials or reduce sentencing for the guilty.

Note: This will absolutely not work on cases where you are guilty of crimes involving children or sex offenses.

How to use: 
Inscribe the name of your adversary into back of skull candle. You may also or instead place a picture of your adversary underneath the skull.

Place candle in front of you on a fire safe dish with a mirror present so that the candle is between you and the mirror.

Light candle and say this spell one time: "Lucifero: dissipabis inimicos meos et exultemus in carminibus me in atrium legum et condicionum"

Let the candle stay lit for 12 minutes while staring at the mirror's reflection of the lit flame and imagining yourself triumphing in court or in your given legal matter against your target.

After 12 minutes, blow out candle and put away for next usage for the next 6 days.

You will do this spell total 7 days in a row total. After the 7th day you will keep the remains hidden until the legal matter is resolved. Afterward you may throw it away.



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