The Order

Midas Touch Potion Sugar Scrub


This incredibly powerful 8 oz potion scrub is made with only the best organic and sustainable ingredients from 7WH’s own farm and greenhouseses and combined with groundbreaking Demonic rituals tied to Mammon, Clauneck, and the 7th to bring you 1 week of full use of the world renowned Midas Touch Potion with each scrub!

Simply use 1/8ths of this jars contents once a week and scrub all over your body in a warm bath or shower and allow the sugar scrub to remain on skin for 10 full mins while imagining yourself phenomenally wealthy and living in abundance.

Each scrub is worth one week’s worth of Midas potion effectiveness, and is a fantastic way to try this potion before stepping into a full commitment with the $150 potion.
Do not miss out! 

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