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Rebirth Road Opener Kit


Rebirth Road Opener Kit

• This kit is perfect for those who feel lost or heavy with negative energy from past trauma or events and wish to clear your path for yourself.
This can also be used to cancel out past curses or conflicting magickal practices and also have a new beginning and new chance at a great life and relationships.

What is included in this set:
-Rebirth Potion
- Rebirth Road Opening Salt Bath
- Belphegor Road Opener Potion
- Road Opening Incense
-Quartz Crystal


How To Use:

Rebirth Potion: Anoint a white candle with 12 drops and light for 12 minutes while staring into the flame and imagining your soul being reborn. Perform this ritual on a Monday or Wednesday at 6pm or 9pm every week for 4 weeks. 

Rebirth Road Opening Salt Bath: Add 1/2 a jar to a bath and soak for 20 minutes. 

Belphegor Road Opener: Anoint a white candle with 6 drops of potion and light for 6 minutes. Focus your intent into the flame and visualize your blockages being removed and your path clearing.

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