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Seere Invocation Necklace


7th Witch House has designed for you this stunning Sterling Silver "Invocation of Justice."
This invocation is done through Royal Demon Seere.
Seere is a highly respected Demon of the Royal Legion and who is a Master of Law, Truth, Shielding protection of prosecution, Justice, and Protection.
Seere is responsible for activating the most powerful court case, will bending, truth seeking and invisibility potions for 7th Witch House including Seere Court Case Potion, Justice, Confession, Truth Serum, and Incognito.

An invocation of Demon Seere is powerful enough to bring you justice, mental clarity, justice, divinatory abilities in seeking truth, protection from the law, and luck in court cases and any situations involving community or law enforcement.

You will receive his spell of invocation to be used with this necklace if you choose to invoke Seere.

Only 30 of these have been made so when they are gone, they are gone!
Don’t miss out!

Necklace Type: Sterling Silver and Swarovski Crystal
Main Stone: Swarovski Crystal
Metals Type: Sterling Silver
Metal Stamp: Silver
Chain Type: Necklace
Main Stone Size: Swarovski Crystal
Ring size: None

****Only the Solid Silver and Swarovski Crystal option is available for this Necklace****

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