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Self Love and Confidence Potion Candle


Self Love and Confidence Potion Candle This beautifully floral scented Glycerin potion candle is packed with Confidence, Regeneration, Wisdom, and Self Love potions is hand made, both Demon and ritual bound, and perfect for multiple uses to give a dramatic boost in self love, confidence, emotional healing and peace. This ritual potion candle is to be done weekly for six minutes at a time while chanting the spell that is included.

How to use:

Place candle in front of you with a mirror present so that the candle is between you and the mirror.

Light candle and say this spell one time: "Da mihi potestatem habere pulchra amem."

Let the candle stay lit for 6 minutes while staring at yourself in the mirror while imagining seeing yourself for the first time and loving yourself as an entire new, whole, healed, charismatic and beautiful person
After 6 minutes, blow out candle and put away for next usage 1 week later.

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