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The Big Dipper Potion


Tired of small and disappointing packages? We have exactly the perfect answer to help attract the biggest and most satisfying packages you will ever experience. Not only will these packages be long, they will have girth and stamina that is unmatched. This potion works hard and fast on new sexual opportunities, but “maximizes” your current sexual partners. This is the gift that keeps on giving. You’re welcome ;)

One ritual lasts three weeks, and can be used at one’s own risk as an emergency “massage oil.”

Big Dipper Potion

How to use:
For general use to bring abundant big dippers to you, take a red chime candle and inscribe the word "all prospects" into the side of the chime candle.
Coat the candle and wick in Big Dipper potion. 6 drops should be enough to coat candle

Light candle and say this spell one time: "Afferte mihi volo vitium magnum in mare socium."

Let the candle stay lit for 6 minutes while staring at the flame and imagining seeing yourself flooded with sexual opportunities of great sex with "very big dippers."
After 6 minutes, blow out candle and put away for next usage 3 weeks later.

To use on a partner or yourself to give a larger and harder "Big Dipper": At your own risk, you may rub directly onto self or partner while chanting this spell in your mind three times. "Fac mihi maius."

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