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7th Protection Candle


Imagine settling into your daily routine, the weight of worry lifted, knowing your precious child is cocooned in a shield of celestial protection. That's the power vested in the 7th Protection Candle, a potent symbol of protection, crafted for your child's absolute safety.

Bound to the 7th Prince of the Royal Legion, this extraordinary guardian light isn't just a candle; it's your personal sentinel, a beacon of safety, watching over your child both when they're within your loving reach and when they're exploring their little world.

Think of it as your child's invisible guardian demon, silently warding off physical and emotional danger while they're at school, daycare, or under someone else's care. A weekly ritual of lighting this potent candle can change the game - not only protecting your child but also pacifying those nagging fears that every parent knows all too well.

And don't worry - we've got you covered. Your 7th Shield comes with easy-to-follow instructions, ensuring you're well-equipped to ignite its protective power.

Remember, you're in the driver's seat of your life. Your decisions, your outcomes. When you choose the 7th Protection Candle, you're choosing a safer world for your little one. That's a decision we're sure you'll never regret. By purchasing, you acknowledge this responsibility and agree to release us from any legal obligations concerning your choices or results.

So, why wait? Embrace peace of mind. Light up the 7th Protection Candle, your child's guardian light. Because they deserve nothing but the best, and so do you. Don't just protect; empower with the 7th Protection Candle.

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