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Bee Good Potion Set


🌼 Introducing the Bee Good Potion Set, a gentle yet powerful all-organic solution designed to bring calm and cooperation to children. Crafted with the magical touch of The 7th, this potion works its enchantment to make your child happier, reduce tantrums, and enhance their willingness to listen and behave. It's like a sprinkle of magical goodness that helps them find focus, ease anxiety, and even aids children with sensory sensitivities.

Let's explore how to use this enchanting set:

🐝 Potion:
To unleash the potion's magic, burn it on a silver candle. Weekly or as needed, place six drops of the potion on the candle's wick, with your child's name carved into the side. As you light the candle, speak your intentions into its flame. Watch as the soothing energy of the potion weaves its spell and brings harmony to your child's world.

🐞 Potion Spray:
For an accelerated boost of magic, use the Be Good Potion Spray. Give your child one to three sprays daily, or as needed, to provide an extra dose of enchantment. This spray is a quick and convenient way to infuse their surroundings with the potion's transformative properties.

🐝 This set works wonders for both little kids and big kids alike. Yes, even adults can benefit from its effects! Embrace the magic and let it touch the hearts and minds of your entire family.

🌺 Please remember to conduct a patch test before using the spray to ensure your child is not allergic to its ingredients. Safety is our utmost priority, and if any allergies occur, discontinue use immediately. At 7th Witch House, we provide our products for your personal discretion and understanding.

🌻 Embrace the power of the Bee Good Potion Set and watch as it works its magic to create a more harmonious and joyful environment for your child. Remember, all products and titles are copyright of 7th Witch House.

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