The Order

Bulletproof Diamond Line Perfume


7th Witch House Presents our brand new Diamond Line perfume: Bulletproof

Demonically bound to Belial and The 7th. This perfume allows you to take emotional hits to your heart without being brought to your knees. You will be able to be untouchable mentally and emotionally in any negative way, and will be able to handle all stress, emotional issues, or heartbreaks with stride.

Wear this like a Bulletproof vest around your heart and safeguard your soul with this unimaginably helpful potion perfume. 
Each Spray gives you 24 hours of Diamond line effects! 

This sensational unisex perfume is scented with Black Rose that showcases the sweet scent of jasmine in the Moroccan candles showcase the cool nights of deserts with a little bit of inclusion of ground ginger, oakmoss and sandalwood.

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