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Candy Shop Sampler



🍭“Candy Shop Sampler!” 🍭

🍭 Sample Demonic greatness with our brand new Candy Shop Sampler Set! 

🍭This set comes with a mini gumball machine case, and 5 new personality attraction mini potion rollers to get all eyes on you, and to get people to want to be around you! No spell work needed! Just roll on and enjoy in confidence!

This sampler comes with these 5 potions:
🍭 Find Your Tribe - To help you find or strengthen a group of friends that loves you. 
🍭 All Eyes On Me - To get positive attention and admiration on you.
🍭 Good Vibes - To draw in only positive energy from others around you and cut negative vibes.
🍭 Glass Half Full - To have a more positive mood and outlook throughout your day.
🍭 In Demand - To get people to miss you and desire and appreciate your presence and/or fear your absence.

This is a very limited edition 7th Witch House sampler set. Don’t miss out!  

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