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Catatonic Burning Curse Tablet


Catatonic Burning Curse Tablet

This is a Demonically enchanted cuneiform curse tablet bound to Tiamat. This tablet is made with the same engraved ancient incantation from Ancient Mesopotamia to use Tiamat to cut the soul cord of your enemy. This will demonically help to detach a target from themselves and lose the will to exist. A target may appear completely detached, away from themselves, and unable to enjoy or experience life as normal. 

This is an extremely powerful ancient ritual and you will receive specific burning instructions upon receiving it. 

One target per tablet. One ritual per target. Use this with discernment, and only on your harshest of enemies.

* You will receive a large wooden engraved tablet, one candle, and specific instructions.

User understands, accepts and assumes all responsibility of outcomes with this tablet upon purchase.

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