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Demonic Body Trilogy


Unveiling the "Body Trilogy" by The 7th Witch House. Embark on an incredible journey of transformation with this set of three 1oz demonic potion sprays. Encased in luxury glass bottles and bound with the most potent demonic magick rituals, each spray offers a unique path to your physical and sensory well-being.

  1. "Extreme Weight Loss Potion Spray"

Achieve your body goals with the power of our "Extreme Weight Loss Potion Spray". This demonic magick potion, tied to the powerful entities Marbas and Belial, boosts metabolism and energy while fortifying your willpower. An incredible addition to any diet or fitness regimen, this potion spray helps you on your journey to the body you've always desired.

  1. "Naamah Tighten and Tone Body Potion Spray" 🍑

Revel in the transformation with our "Naamah Tighten and Tone Body Potion Spray". This potion body serum is bound to Naamah, a powerful demon known for enhancing and tightening specific body areas. This on-the-go solution, infused with a hypnotic fragrance, will captivate your senses while working its magic on your desired areas. For lifting, firming, and slimming, this potion spray offers a targeted approach, helping you bring that body back to a snatched state.

  1. "Vanity Pact Potion Spray"

Step back in time with the "Vanity Pact Potion Spray". This exceptionally rare potion spray is bound to Tiamat, known for her incredible power to reverse aging. This potion will make you look and feel astonishingly young, reversing up to a decade of aging. Experience a rejuvenation like never before.

The "Body Trilogy" is a rarity, with only 15 sets available at an unbelievable $150, far less than its usual price of $2000. Don't miss this limited opportunity to unlock a journey of physical and sensory transformation. The journey to your best self starts with the "Body Trilogy". Claim yours today.

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