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Diabolicus Patronum Set


Diabolicus Patronum

Diabolicus Patronum

With unparalleled precision, the Diabolicus Patronum potion encapsulates the undiluted essence of your potential demonic patron. Marrying impeccable alchemical expertise with the timeless corridors of demonic dominions, this elixir forges an unbreakable bridge, guiding those in search of, or wishing to reinforce the bond with, their guarding demon.

This black diamond demonic potion operates in dimensions unseen, either weaving an intricate link with a known demonic patron or aiding in the journey to uncover the one that beckons. In its wake, concealed attributes are revealed, and the innate powers bestowed upon you by your guardian demon, whether recognized or yet to be unveiled, are intensified.

With the embrace of Diabolicus Patronum, you align with an ancient legacy, channeling dark insights, unmatched strength, profound skill, and unparalleled prowess from the caverns of the abyss. Let your essence resonate with the might of your demonic mentor.

Every Diabolicus Patronum purchase encompasses:

• A 1 oz bottle of the Diabolicus Patronum black diamond potion.

• A patron acceptance ritual and a patron detection ritual.

• A bound Demonic pendulum, intricately crafted to guide those in their quest to identify and communicate with their unique demonic patron.

• A conduit shot glass offering for their patron adorned with real 24k gold flakes, symbolizing your commitment and connection to the abyssal realms.

• A travel-size potion spray and a potion roller, ensuring you remain connected to, and embody the qualities of, your patron wherever you tread.
Venture into the abyss of understanding, ascend to the zenith of your patron's favor, and magnify the gifts that beckon your acknowledgment. Very Limited stock.

Only 15 available!
$250, orig. $750! 🫨

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