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Elements Of Passion Advent Calendar


🔥Elements Of Passion Advent Calendar🔥

Do not miss out on this unreal collection of the most sensational attraction, sex, and love hit demonic potions from 7th Witch House! Find your chemistry with anyone you desire and become their ultimate fantasy with this incredible set! 

 Each day leading up to Valentine's Day, you will open a new Diamond Line drawer on the advent calendar and find something sensational inside that will lead you to the love, passion, attraction, and connection that you desire. 

Each of the 24 surprises inside will be one of our bombshell love, sex, obsession or attraction Diamond line actual mini potion vials. 
Do not miss out on this advent calendar! 

This advent Calendar contains potions such as:

• Rapture

• Queens Chambers

• Kings Chambers

• Big Dipper

• Mirage 

• Alter Ego

• Anti-Rejection

• Stupid Money

• Sexual Spark 

• Relationship Relaunch

• Centerfold

• Tight Peach

and many more! 

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