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Elite Potion Spray


Elite Potion Spray

Widely known as the “Millionaires Potion,” this Elite potion spray is the most powerful and accelerated wealth spray containing the entire available to the public, period. This potion was originally only offered in private, but is now accessible as a potion spray.

The Elite Potion spray is an excellent addition, accelerator, and booster to any Elite Potion and will not need any form of activation or extra rituals. However, this can also be used by people who do not yet own the potion to use this.

The Elite Potion is unequivocal and unmatchable potion for those who not only want lifetime security and wealth, but are also prepared to be lifetime Luciferians. This potion guarantees no results, HOWEVER, the people who get the most out of this potion as far as million dollar ranges go, are the ones who are ready to commit their lives to being a Luciferian.

This will throw open barriers and allow money, opportunities, and/or luck to pour in to your life.
Spray once or twice daily or as needed on yourself or linens to get the full effects of Elite for 24 hours, and/or to boost your results.

Use at your own risk.

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