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Life is simply not fair, and in order to survive, sometimes we have to put our own wants and desires aside and do what is necessary.

Sometimes what we want doesn’t align with what is possible, and this brings us great pain.

That pain is sometimes something that we are forced to bear at least temporarily while we carry bearing the weight of our heaping responsibilities.

For this dreadful existence, we proudly introduce Oblivionus. 

This powerful potion perfume bound to Choronzon and Vepar induces a temporary feeling of detachment and disassociation from reality, allowing the user to temporarily forget their troubles and experience a sense of mental relief and peace.

Oblivionus is a potion perfume like no other. Its deep golden hue and shimmering surface belies the phenomenal power of disassociation held within.

We are not always ready to take on the world in the face of overwhelm or despair, and sometimes it is beneficial to play the fool.

Dissociation is a survival mechanism, and it can be a way of protecting yourself from overwhelming experiences, and allow you to continue functioning objectively. 

Just a spray is needed to keep yourself from breakdown. 

This captivating and mystical fragrance that captures the essence of a nocturnal bloom. Notes of tuberose, black currant, and Jasmine collide together under the stars to take you away into a better reality for 24 beautiful hours at a time per spray. 

Comes in 2oz luxury glass bottle, with luxury custom packaging.

What are you waiting for? 

Only 20 bottles available.

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