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Psychic Vampire Candle


Psychic Vampire Candle

For use in situations where you have a someone feeding off of and draining/attempting to drain your energy. 

For the removal of a psychic vampiric attack and connection. For the deletion of massive dangerous curses. For the removable of the most toxic people and energies in your life. 

This can also help detach people who will not leave you alone, or whom you have a very hard time removing yourself from. 


Highly consider this candle if you have been feeling drained, cursed, incredibly unlucky, injured, haunted or attacked by someone you know. This formula is the reversal of such symptoms. 


This Potion Candle is attached to six demons and marinated using the strongest demonic spells available. This potion is made with pure silver and 24k gold. 


You will receive the spell and instructions with the candle. 

Use as needed. Multi-use candle.

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