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Rising Star Intelligence Box


This Rising Star Intelligence Box is the newest part of our kids line and is perfect for your little one to be helped with attention, focus, confidence, clarity, and understanding through magick and is bound to Ronove and Sekhmet. This a great set for both little and Big Kids (Adults) alike! 🐝🐝🐝

This fantastic children’s box includes:  

🐝Rising Star Intelligence Box
🐝Rising Star Intelligence Potion
🐝Rising Star Intelligence Potion Candle
🐝Rising Star Intelligence Body Wash
🐝Bee Brave Potion Spray
🐝Bee Creative Potion Spray
🐝Have a Super Day! Potion Candle


This set is an incredible deal and worth well over $575, but is on sale at $250!

All products in box are to be used by an adult on behalf of your little ones. All buyers are responsible for usage and results. Box will come with full instructions. 🐝

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