The Order

Seal of Notice


Seal of Notice. 
Demonically bound and enlivened by the captivating aura of Sitri and the commanding presence of Belial, the ‘Seal of Notice’ is a demonic masterclass in attraction and influence.

This triple diamond demonic potion doesn't just pique curiosity, it anchors you in the minds of others, securing a firm place of significance.

The powers of Sitri and Belial synergistically to ensure not just your visibility, but also recognition of your efforts and contributions.

By instilling an irresistible allure and an undeniable respect, Seal of Notice elevates your presence, making you an appreciated and memorable figure in the eyes of others.

Therefore, whether in a room filled with familiar faces or strangers, the target of ‘Seal of Notice’ doesn't just exist, but leaves a lasting impression, creating ripples of appreciation and a nuanced understanding of their character and contributions in their wake.

This is more than a potion; it is a powerful undeniable demonic medium for interpersonal connection and acknowledgement.

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