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Take Me to Church Potion Set


🔥Take Me to Church 🔥
This Diamond line potion bound to Eros, and is made to highly influence your target to absolutely worship you, want you, crave you, dream of you, and fantasize about you sexually.

It does this and more while also assisting you in not screwing it up with your fears, doubts, attitude, or insecurities. It will help you to be brave and ready to accept, return and enjoy the coming results. 

Eros is a master at Shapeshifting, mind control, and sex, and can help you get out of your own mind and let you accept and love your body for the effects that your target will see when taking you in. 

This potion also demonically can help make your target actually believe that your body is their apex of beauty and desire. 

This Diamond Line Potion is truly in a different stratosphere. This potion is also cumulative and unbelievably long lasting as it builds, meaning that you will soon enough not need to rely on using it for these effects.

Ritual instructions included.

Set includes:

• Take Me To Church Potion

•  Take Me To Church Potion Bar

•  Take Me To Church Potion Spray



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