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Take Me To Church Diamond Line Potion


7th Witch House is proud to introduce our new:

🔥“Take Me to Church” Diamond Line Potion Candle”🔥

Often times in Magick, humans are granted and blessed with their desires, but they often unfortunately screw it up with their own deep seeded insecurities and fears. 

We have a solution.

This incredibly powerful combo potion candle is bound to a Demonic trio of Demons Choronzon, Eros, Anubis, and Bastet.

This candle is a combination of “Anti Self-Sabotage,” and our $2,500 Diamond line Eros potion “Take me to Church.” 🤭 

This beyond potent Diamond line potion candle is made to highly influence your target to absolutely worship you, want you, crave you, dream of you, and fantasize about you sexually. It does this and more while also assisting you in not screwing it up with your fears, doubts, attitude, or insecurities. It will help you to be brave and ready to accept, return and enjoy the coming results 

This ritual is to done, and candle lit for 6 minutes at a time when you want these effects to occur for 48-72 hours. 

This is a candle that is beyond rare in both function, availability and results. This is made to truly be coveted and treated like a lifeline for you and your desired target. 

Each candle can be used on up to two targets! 🔥🤭🔥🤓🔥

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