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Demonic Lip Kit Collection


🖤 The 7th Witch House Presents: The Demonic Lip Kit Collection 🖤

Unveil Your Inner Enchantress with these Powerfully Potent Demonic Lip Kits!

Dive into a realm of dark elegance and magickal allure with The 7th Witch House's exclusive Demonic Lip Kit. Six transformative shades designed to not only adorn but to ignite your innate powers. A modern fusion of high-end beauty and ancient magick for the discerning demonic witch.

💄 Shades of Seduction & Their Potent Potions:

  1. Hex Appeal - A delicately mysterious nude-light peach commandment. Infused with the power of the “Tiamat Road Opener” potion, speak new life and opportunity into existence and shape your destiny with every word.

  2. Enchantress Espresso - Experience the warm collaboration of a magickal deep rose-meets-mocha. Empowered by the Naamah ‘Catch These Hands’ potion, carry confidence, protection, and voice your desires fearlessly.

  3. Elderberry Elixir - Amplify your pretty pout in a gentle matte mauve-berry hue. Energized by Sekhmet and the “Find Your Tribe” potion, ensuring your words are cherished, attracting the right souls towards you.

  4. Witching Hour Wine - Command attention with this deep, bold, and classy wine shade. Enchanted by Sitri and the “Self-love” potion, wear your confidence and adoration for self vividly.

  5. Pagan Peach - Illuminate your pout with the glow of a ripe peach. Amplified with the “Tyche Financial Luck” potion, your words will pave the path to prosperity and opulence.

  6. Sorcery Scarlet - A blazing scarlet red that's impossible to resist! Supercharged with the “Soul Snatcher” potion, create an aura of undeniable attraction, and heart racing obsession! 

🌱 Consciously Crafted Magick: Immerse in the magickal formula that's vegan and cruelty-free. Wear your values and your power.

 Triple Threat of Transformation: Each kit pairs a high-end matte lip liner, a decadent lipstick, and a luminous lip gloss. Elevate your beauty ritual into a magickal rite.

🔮 Bound in Power: No spell work? No problem! Every application grants you 24 hours of potent potion effects. Simply apply and embrace your magickal transformation.

For the modern witch on the go, infuse magick into every moment. At just $45 per kit, these magickal lip sets are destined to vanish swiftly. Dive into the world of The 7th Witch House, where beauty and magick converge. Seize your Demonic Lip Kit now – a convergence of style, power, and ancient potion magick.

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