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Existential Crisis Quadrilogy


7th Witch House presents the "Existential Crisis Quadrilogy" - a meticulously assembled collection of four powerful potions, designed to provide solace, healing, and guidance as you navigate through life's most demanding trials. Each elixir, packaged in a half-ounce bottle, is paired with a dedicated ritual and corresponding candle, designed to amplify the potion's transformative mental health effects.

  1. Wisdom in Humility Step onto a path of inner peace with Wisdom in Humility. This elixir mitigates excessive pride, infusing your spirit with a deep sense of accountability, connection and respect for the broader world. It calms the overbearing ego, often symptomatic of narcissism, and promotes humility, inducing a serene harmony within you.


  2. Emotional Integration Unlock the healing power of emotional transparency with Emotional Integration. This potion urges you to identify, accept, and harmoniously integrate your suppressed emotions. It calms the mind, addressing the emotional disconnect often seen in narcissistic and psychopathic tendencies, and fosters emotional maturity. Experience tranquility and healthier relationships with this healing demonic potion.


  3. Mental Equilibrium Discover inner calm amid chaos with Mental Equilibrium. This potion initiates a process of psychological restoration, guiding you away from inflated self-perception, a common trait in narcissism, towards a balanced mental state. By illuminating the complexities of your personality and fostering genuine self-love, it aids in the alleviation of excessive selfishness, and encourages authentic personal growth.



  4. Metaphysical Mirror Embrace empathy and understanding with Metaphysical Mirror. This potion provides a unique opportunity to comprehend the effects of your actions on others, a crucial step in mitigating selfish or grandiose tendencies. It fosters empathy and understanding, calms the turmoil of regret, and promotes peaceful, meaningful connections.


The Existential Crisis Quadrilogy is not just a set of potions, it's a transformative journey towards a calmer, more balanced self. If you're grappling with the challenging symptoms of narcissism, selfishness, or psychopathy, this collection offers a pathway towards healing and self-discovery. Experience the tranquil power of the Quadrilogy today.

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