The Order

Valac Crown of Chaos


Valac Crown of Chaos.

Dive into the maelstrom with Valac's Crown of Chaos, a masterpiece not for the faint of heart. Beyond its haunting beauty lies a tumultuous force, ready to unleash pandemonium upon your chosen target.
Each ornate twist and turn of its design holds the key to a ritual that, once once performed, spirals an adversary's life into unending disarray.

As their world descends into chaos, like a dark tide, you'll find their fortunes and auspicious fates flowing irresistibly towards you. This crown doesn't just personify power—it offers the thrilling dance of controlled calamity. With it, you're not merely a spectator to chaos; you're its master, channeling both its destructive might and the bounties it seizes. Embrace the tempest, and let your rivals be consumed. 

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