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Demonic Wealth Trilogy


Introducing the "Wealth Trilogy" by The 7th Witch House. Immerse yourself in the opulence of three 1oz demonic potion sprays, each encased in a luxury black glass bottle. Distilled from the finest ingredients and imbued with the most potent demonic magick rituals, each spray promises a unique journey towards wealth and prosperity.

  1. 🔮"Bet it all on Black Potion Spray" 🔮

Defy the odds with our "Bet it all on Black Potion Spray". This potent spray draws from the tremendous powers of Lucifer and Tiamat. Each spritz has the incredible ability to sway life's odds in your favor, inviting victory and success in every venture. Feel a surge of unstoppable confidence and determination with each application. Victory is yours for the taking.

  1. "Caishen's Golden Lotus Potion Spray"

Open the doors to boundless prosperity with our "Caishen's Golden Lotus Potion Spray". Emitting the intoxicating scent of amber and golden lotus, this spray is a symbol of endless wealth and prosperity. Inspired by the Royal Intermediary Legion's wealthiest demon, Caishen, this spray serves as your beacon for wealth, creating paths to new financial opportunities and unfathomable luck. Each spray not only promises wealth but also gifts you with courage and determination to conquer financial adversities.

  1. "Financial Crisis Reversal Potion Spray"

Break free from financial burdens with our "Financial Crisis Reversal Potion Spray". Connected to Clauneck, revered for his authority over emergency wealth and prosperity, this unique potion spray purifies your aura from financial struggles and negativity. Each use wraps you in Clauneck's empowering aura, effecting a transformation in your financial destiny.

Explore the magic of the "Wealth Trilogy" and step into a world of prosperity, limitless opportunities, and unending wealth. Each potion spray from the trilogy is a promise of a wealth-filled future. Unleash the magic today.

This is a massive limited edition launch, at an unbelievable value! Do not miss out! These will sell out immediately! 

$125 buy it now at: 

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