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Winter Potion Bar Box Set


Do not miss out on this unbelievable limited 7th Witch House ☃️ Winter Potion Bar Box Set! ☃️

This thoughtfully designed winter box has 9 thoughtfully placed potion bath products! Some of them are never before seen winter box exclusive potion products! 
This box is an unbelievable deal, with the entire set being $125, and being worth over $475 of potion bars! 
we will only sell 15 sets! Don’t miss out! 

❄️What you will get is:❄️

☃️ Lightning in a Bottle Potion Bar
⛄️ Rise Potion Bar
☃️ Ronove Mental Stability Potion Bar
☃️ Dragon's Blood Potion Bar
☃️ Anti-Stress Potion Bar
☃️ Lightning in a Bottle Bath Bomb
☃️ Regeneration Bath Bomb
☃️ Naamah Tainted Love Potion Bar
☃️ Heal from Trauma Potion Bar

You will also get a precious winter wooden crate to hold them in! Do not miss out! 


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