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Professional Level Ancestral Curse Reversal Potion


Professional Level Ancestral Curse Reversal Potion

To be used on clients or yourself as an extreme advanced version of this potion. Generational hex and toxic cycle removal is beyond valuable to both a client and practitioner and easily a $500-$1000 service. This is a bargain beyond bargains.
As personal use, this is invaluable, because we spend all of our lives trying to heal from the pain of our past. Clear the slate and level the playing field. Break the ties that bind you and be free.

This powerhouse potion has the remarkable and unmatchable ability to end and completely break ties with any casted or self made generational hexes, pain, trauma, and toxic family cycles of any kind or of any magick traditions. This potion will also act as a reversal and bring back all of the good luck and wealth that is owed to you from the price of your happiness robbed through pain.

Sometimes people are their own hex. Narcissists, abusers, etc. This breaks ties and cycles from them as well.

Do you realize how much we all spend repairing damage and mistakes and abuse from our past and raising? It’s amazing what this potion does. It clears the slate and allows you to build anew upon a solid and clean foundation.

How to use: Carve the name of yourself or your client and drop 12 drops of potion on a silver chime candle. Light for 12 minutes and speak the pain of your past into the flame.

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