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Beelzebub Crown of Consequence


"Beelzebub Crown of Consequence"

Unlock the doors to a world of divine empowerment and audacious fearlessness with the 7th Witch House's latest conduit masterpiece — The Beelzebub Conduit Crown of Consequence. Adorned with resplendent ruby jewels, this crown is far more than a symbol of status and regality. It's a catalyst, a divine instrument designed to bridge the infernal realms and grant you access to untamed power and limitless demonic potential.

By wearing this crown, you tap into the primal aethyrs, invoking the reverwnt energy of Beelzebub, the 4th Crown Royal Prince of Hell. As you channel his fierce power, you will gain the ability to perceive the veiled treachery lurking in your path. You will not just foresee, but know with certainty who truly conspires against you, armed with the courage to face them and the power to make them regret their deceit.

With this extraordinary artifact, you will master the potent “rite of return to sender” – a sacred ritual of divine retribution that reflects harm and malice back to their origin. No longer will you be a passive recipient of ill intentions. Instead, you will redirect their malevolent energy, making the antagonists taste their own bitter medicine.

The Beelzebub Conduit Crown of Consequence is not just a crown; it is a vessel of divine justice, a beacon of courage, and your weapon against the unseen foes. Dare to wear it, and you dare to be unstoppable.

$65 Buy it now.

Only 20 of these masterpieces shall be released! 

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