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Charge of the Great Alchemist Ritual Card


Introducing the Charge of the Great Alchemist, Belphegor Ritual Card — a powerful tool for invoking the energies of Belphegor. This card is meticulously crafted from anodized aluminum, ensuring its durability and resistance to bending. With a compact size of 3x4x2.1x0.031 inches, similar to a credit card, it is easy to carry and store, allowing you to access its power whenever you need it.

Key features of the Belphegor Ritual Card:

1. Thick and firm card: The card is designed to be thick and firm, providing a sturdy foundation for the ritual spell and sigil. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand regular use and remain intact over time.

2. Anodized aluminum material: The card is made from anodized aluminum, which not only adds to its durability but also gives it a sleek and polished appearance. The anodized finish provides a protective layer, preventing scratches and maintaining the card's pristine condition.

3. Latin Demonic Ritual spell and sigil: The Belphegor Ritual Card features a Latin Demonic Ritual spell and sigil associated with Belphegor. These elements are carefully engraved onto the card, representing the invocation of Belphegor's energies and serving as a focal point for your rituals.

By carrying the Belphegor Ritual Card with you, you can harness the power of Belphegor and integrate it into your spiritual practices. Whether you are performing rituals, invoking Belphegor's influence, or seeking guidance and assistance, this card serves as a potent tool to connect with the energy of Belphegor.

Note: Please handle the Belphegor Ritual Card with respect and use it responsibly. The card is intended for personal use and should be used in accordance with your own spiritual beliefs and practices.

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