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Black Sheep Potion Hex

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Black Sheep Potion Hex

🙅🏼‍♀️ Are you the Black Sheep of the family? Are you sick of being compared to other family members? Are you done with favoritism? Tired of not being invited to family events and then gaslighted about it? 

🤓 We have your solution 🤓 This Lucifuge powered  potion helps you to embrace your individuality and thrive far beyond any of your toxic family members. This potion will help numb the pain of being rejected and transmute that pain into power for you. You will have an obvious and apparent position of power and success above them all. 

Sometimes the best revenge you can get on someone is showing them how happy you are without then. 

This potion will ensure your ability to do so, and will restore your pride and self esteem.

👆🏼This potion will also make your terrible toxic family members receive all cruelty, gossip, negative energy and wrongdoings done toward you..... right back onto them. This will happen expeditiously while also making then feel tremendous guilt. Let them rip each other’s egos apart in the fray while you shine in the sun. 🐺


You’ll need a black chime candle and your famiy’s sir name. 
Instructions included. 

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