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Chasing The Dragon


This the grand unveiling of 7th Witch House’s brand new unisex potion perfume. Made with the highest of ingredients, and scented to perfection. This alchemical masterpiece a soft, magical woodsy recalling the very essence of the transition of summer into fall. 

Sophisticated to the max, Chasing the Dragon brings together a confident blend of citrus, deep florals, exotic woods and musk that is long lasting and smells absolutely intoxicating. 

One Spray is all that’s needed for 24 hours of effects of this Diamond Line Magnum Opus! No spell work needed! 


What leads us to our own unhappiness most often is our willingness to settle. We are creatures of habit, and often once we get comfortable enough with anything, we begin rehearsing a boring self-made repetitive script of our lives that we repeat daily. 

However before long many realize that their lives have become lives of monotony and quiet desperation as they simply work all day to barely survive and come home just in time to look in the mirror and wonder how they ever settled to become the person staring back at them.

This here is handing the craving, passion, and hunger of your youth back. You will seek more in all things. You will do so positively and safely while being guided closely by Lucifer. You will go the extra mile in taking care of yourself, in seeking more money, in seeking more bed, in love, in yourself, in providing, in trying new things, in going new places… living life again! 

This time you will play to win, not just play to barely make it. 
You may find yourself brandishing new styles, remodeling your living space, seeking new jobs, pushing for closer, more effective, and new meaningful connections in your relationships, starting new hobbies, driving new cars, or making new connections with your friends. 

This will help demonically resurrect you and give you the spark and drive to actually get up and change what is monotonous and unhappily settled in your life. This is a gentle, yet powerful grand road opener and motivator that won’t make you experience painful unwanted loss, but will make you desire to enhance and upgrade all things stagnate. You will find yourself breaking free from your problems and the ties that bind you in productive and exciting new ways. 


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