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Crush the Competition Hex Potion Candle


7th Witch House is proud to present the “Crush Your Competition Hex Potion Candle!” 

🔥 Do you have a love target or partner that has someone else attracted to them as well? Are you afraid that your target may end up snatched up by another interested prospect? 

🔥 Do you want to keep other people away from your significant other while you seek to win or keep their heart? 

🔥Does your partner have a wondering eye that makes you feel sad and insecure?

🔥 This demonic potion candle bound to Belial and Gremori is exactly what you need to wipe out the competition running for your target or partner’s heart and eyes, and….other things. This will keep them completely focused on you! 

Use this on any target or client where love or attraction is involved. This will help to make them completely unattracted to and disgusted by your competition. 




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