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Demonic Conduit Potion Wax Melter


7th Witch House is very proud to present our brand new Demonic Conduit Potion Wax Melter! 

A new way to do Demonic Magick! This melter comes with Nox Daemonium Potion Wax, and is made to be used with our brand new line of potion wax, to honor your Demons for up to 20-40 hours at a time! 

Because this particular burner is ritually bound to Lucifer, it provides an incredible way to have frequented magickal potion boosters going without having to relight a candle, or stop what you are doing. 

This is truly a breakthrough in the way Demonic Magick is performed. These WILL sell out and are extremely limited, so don’t blink twice before getting yours today!


This set includes:

• Demonic Conduit Potion Wax Melter

• Edison Bulb

• Nox Daemonium Potion Wax

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