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Demonically Charged Crystal Lighting


🎇Demonically Charged Crystal Lighting🎆

💡This incredible 6ft Demonically Charged
Conduit Crystal String Lighting was made for you so you could decorate and charge your Demonic Alters and Ritual Spaces! 

💡Each string of lights has been ritually bound to Lucifer and is made of elegant authentic large lighted crystal chunks! 

💡Also you can enjoy and indulge in the natural healing properties of each crystal!

This runs on an included battery, so no outlets needed! 🥹

💡This crystal lighting is perfect for any altar anywhere and generously priced so that all can have a beautiful altar!

💡Use to:
•Charge demonic altars
•Connect to demons
•Decorate your magick space
•Give as offerings
•Accelerate Rituals

💡Stock is very limited so don’t miss out on yours! 

💡Select between the variants to pick from our five different crystal options!

1. Clear Quartz

2. Citrine

3. Amethyst

4. Rose Quartz 

5. Green Adventurine


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