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Don't Fuck With Me Hex Potion


This fierce Hex Potion is bound to Demons Belial and Beelzebub to deliver an extremely harsh backlash to anyone who attempts to take or degrade what’s yours.
This can mean anything from your relationship, money or even your reputation.
Everytime someone speaks badly on your name or attempts to take from you, they will be delivered with 1 year of intense financial bad luck as well as bad luck regarding love.

Jealous haters exist everywhere. With this, you won’t have to miss a step on your rise.

Don’t get mad....Get even!

This potion is excellent to use in situations where you are being messed with, hurt, stalked or bullied and wish for someone to completely detach and leave you alone.


  • Scratch first and last name of target into a black chime candle.
  • Drop 12 drops of potion on that black chime candle.
  • Light for 12 mins. Focus your intention on the flame and imagine your target having an intense fear of you and not wanting to bother you further.
  • Discard candle afterward.
  • Repeat weekly or as needed. This potion is safe to get on hands.

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