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Egyptian Book of the Dead Eyeshadow Palette



🪶🏺⚱️7th Witch House’s new “Egyptian Book of the Dead” Eyeshadow Palette consists of 28 hypnotic, warm, sexy, and ultra-pigmented shades. This top of the line eyeshadow palette blends like a dream, and is ultra long lasting.
This phenomenal palette is enriched with the best moisturizing ingredients, and it’s made with real crushed gems that create an ultra radiant glow. The palette features an array of ultra-pigmented, unique shades and finishes.

This revolutionary custom formula is ultra smooth to the touch, and glides seamlessly onto your lids while providing a vividly stunning color payoff with an silky-soft feel. This palette is bound to The 7th, and is ritually bound to the long awaited “Rapture” potion, to draw in obsessively attracted prospects near and far. 

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