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Elite Charisma Potion Candle


7th Witch House is so proud to present our new “Elite Charisma Potion Candle!”

This Diamond Line potion candle is packed full of Elite Charisma Potion! This candle is reusable and each 12 minute burn is good for 30 days of Elite Charisma potion effects.

•Elite Charisma Potion - (Normally $750) Allows you to charm and attract people who can heavily and positively influence your financial situation and social status! This is absolutely wonderful for people who are influencers or who have to give presentations, lead meetings, work in sales, or desire promotions within their field. This potion can also help you gain the confidence to dazzle interviewers and people who can employ you, or make decisions regarding your wealth and financial wellbeing. 
You can also use this potion to charm those who are wealthy to be incredibly generous with you. 

Do not miss out on this chance to use this Elite Diamond line potion for a third of the cost! 

Instructions included. Candle reusable up to 3 burns. 

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