The Order

Emergency Glamour Potion


This unrealistically impactful potion will absolutely transform you into the sexiest version of yourself if done correctly.

This potion is bound to 7th, Naamah, and Nyx and will give you the most incredible and fast glamour results. This also acts as an attraction potion that is out of this world and makes anyone you desire absolutely ponder for your every single last bit of affection. 


  • Carve your own name onto red candle and drop 12 drops of potion on wick. Light wick.
  • Chant the name: 7th for four consecutive minutes while lit.
  • Chant the name Naamah for the next four consecutive minutes, then chant the name Nyx for four consecutive minutes.
  • While lit and while chanting, imagine yourself looking the most attractive and impressive that you ever could.
  • After 12 minutes blow out candle and discard candle. 

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