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Emergency Uncrossing Hecate Potion


This emergency uncrossing potion was made for those who handle hexing potions and accidentally come in direct contact with them. Our Hex line is extremely powerful and this is an excellent tool to have around.
This can also be used as a general uncrossing potion to banish general unwanted negative attachments and energies.

This potion is one ounce and uses the power of Hecate to immediately uncross any hex you have accidentally placed on yourself by coming in contact with hex potions.
This potion will last multiple (40+) uses.
Multiple customers report also feeling an immediate banishing of negative thoughts, feelings, and a major boost in mood.

This convenient rollerball style potion is marinated for 7 weeks at a time and blended with Rue, 24k Gold, Selenite Magickal Blends, and everything that Hecate loves.


All you do is roll a circle of this potion on each inner wrist and then a circle on the back of your neck and chant the spell over a lit white candle and a sigil that will be provided electronically. Make sure to carve your first and last name into the candle and chant “Hecate” for 1 minute after lighting. Dispose of candle after use.

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